Another day, another month

It has been more than two months and while in the most areas in Europa the school time has started again (no and no, we really do not need THIS kind of preposterous wannabe education – and yes I know that education for all kids is needed), politicans in few areas are about to brainwash their citizens and villigans for the upcoming autumn elections. What happened with the World in the past two month? Holiday time and nothing much, apart from the fact that nature still calls (ha) and nobody listens, people still starve and nobody feeds them, wars continue and the industry earns. And the cackling rooster in the West is still on the pile of growing mess, but he is not cackling alone in the world. As I could see by travelling around in real and virtually, the media industry seems to become not only a steady partner of the entertainment but the war industry or at least under its influence by spreading scare and fear among people. Wag the dog situation. But wait, it has been there already. Another Cold War? No, rather a warm one. While to bother about everyday business yet. Enough of anger, enough of nagging about unchangable things. I am going to paint now. Good day/night to everybody.


At the beginning was a tohu… (second intro)

Yes. Tohu. Desert. While starting this blog after so many trials and failed beginnings and at this ungodly hour of early Saturday morning – and I mean very early, it is four o’clock and here in Germany at this hour they haven’t started to sell breadbuns yet – I am rethinking these many topics that swirr in my head since a long time and trying to figure out which one is the best to start with. None of them though. School stuff makes me angry and depressed, culture rather down and politics? Frustrated? Well, what to add? It is June 2017 and we all are probably experiencing a certain pain from the recent developments, no matter if you live in the neoecomunism of the Eastern Europe, the right wings sways of the Middle Europe, or the Neverlands of exits or country of the hairy Bob the Wallbuilder. But there are also some good achievements of the humankind this year. Are not there? I don’t really recall many as the probably drown in the media desperate for more action than some cautious developments. Yes, I would like to discuss the reasons of our cosmic existence, but with my basic knowledge it probably would make you laugh. Which may not be that bad either. However, facing the wars and suffering all the persoanal stuff seems too petty to write at all. So welcome to my blog yah. Tohu has started and bohu – the emptiness – at least in mind is there, me rethinking which of the languages is the best to write in to be reader oriented and still able to describe the topic. I very probably will choose and switch between few, and if I do so – I may have some unbearable reason for it – be kind. None of them is my native, and the vast and fast movement in the World does not do much about grammar but much ado about nothing.  So welcome to the bitter plain talking – tacheles me.

GalaxyC, 2015
Galaxy C, 2016 (copyright